Monday, November 17, 2014

PP caught cheating at its own “honor test”

Our friend Esperanza Aguirre organized a bizarre show trial in Madrid of the mayoral candidates in which all candidates were unsurprisingly found to be innocent of corruption.

Now it turns out that not only was the event organized by Jorge Rabago, implicated in the “black card” scandal at Caja Madrid, but now it turns out that the whole thing was staged, and the answers had been rehearsed beforehand. It took a couple takes for newly selected Valdemoro mayor David Conde to come up with a reasonable sounding answer to whether he had any Swiss bank accounts and why he had invited (recently indicted) Francisco Granados to his wedding.

The mayor initially denied that he had been coached beforehand, but later admitted it after the organizer confessed.

Supposedly this whole thing was based on some weird impression that Aguirre had about US congressional hearings.

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