Monday, November 10, 2014

Confidence gap comparing Spain and the US

From Cassandra Does Tokyo:

Workers at the Spanish plant had a reasonably low opinion of their work, which was at odds with the high quality of their efforts evidenced by a low defect rate. This was an interesting result - probably one there company would prefer to keep hidden from their Spanish workers. 

At the American plant, survey results showed workers had a very high opinion of the quality of their work, completely at odds with the relatively high objective defect rates of the output of the plant.

This is especially obvious if you go to any tech startup presentation in Barcelona. Instead of telling us why we should invest in your startup, the presentations sound more like “why my startup sucks and is unlikely to succeed”.

Maybe it’s a wider social problem… it seems to me like the only socially acceptable thing to be amazing at in Spain is soccer. Anything else you need to keep it to yourself, lest people think you are too good and should be brought down a couple pegs.

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