Thursday, October 9, 2014

Spanish tragedy of errors continues around Ebola

Turns out that the paramedic who picked up the nurse infected with Ebola didn’t bother to disinfect himself before picking up seven more patients.

They did end up killing the nurses’ dog, just in case there was some miniscule chance that it had picked up Ebola. Can’t be too careful, I guess.

The Madrid health minister also provided useful commentary, such as “putting on a protective suit doesn’t require a master’s degree” and that the nurse was lying because she hadn’t immediately recognized that she had made a mistaking taking off her protective gear.

On the radio, they had an interview with a doctor in Africa about the protective suits they use. Conclusions:

- Taking off the suit is a twenty minute, highly complicated procedure, that requires a fair amount of practice to get right.

- The suits that the Spanish nurse had wasn’t even rated for Ebola

Since the Madrid minister of health is a doctor himself, maybe he can volunteer to go take care of the patients himself.

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