Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ebola and Spanish pride/stupidity

The US government got some criticism for bringing home their Ebola patients, but at least they had a bioharzard level 4 containment facility to treat the patients in. Spain, on the other hand doesn’t, but decided to bring home their own patient anyway, with predictable results.

The doctors and nurses didn’t have even have the training or resources to deal with Ebola (unless you count a half hour crash course).

You’d think they could have asked a favor from the US. Hell even France, UK, Italy, Germany and Switzerland all have facilities that could have helped out.

Not only that, but they are so absolutely sure that no one could have gotten infected that they made no effort to check up on staff that treated the patient. When the nurse got ill, she had to insist for six days to get tested, and even then, while she was waiting for the results, was left waiting in a normal emergency room.


Anonymous said...

"Pride/stupidity ebola" was exactly what I was googling earlier on today. I wanted a "guiri's" opinion about the whole ordeal.

I can't believe Spain brought over a dying priest, ridden of Ebola, back to his homeland. I am sure if he was a man of God he would have been at peace dying in Africa (as long as he got his last rights). I knew from the get go that they wouldn't handle this professionally or efficiently! Le gasp *Spain being unprofessional and incompetent?

The stupid PP had to show Spain that it takes care of its people and did this as one giant act of pride."Look we take care of all of you, especially men of the Church." But wait, I am sure if this was a Spanish born citizen of Morrocan descent *named Rafik, this would have panned out quite differently!

The worst is that poor dog was put down. It had to pay for a nation's stupidity. Why not quarantine him and keep him under observation for 8 weeks?? Ahhhhhhh, Spain. I'm obviously speaking as a fellow guiri.

Anonymous said...

I think they brought the priests back to make up for the fact that they were going to pull back the abortion bill. There was a Spanish guy in Peru trapped in a cave for a few weeks. The family asked the Spanish government for help and they refused. A Spanish lady in Argentina was very sick in the hospital and asked the Spanish government to be brought back to Spain and they refused too...

Anonymous said...

Yes, but it was a stupid act of compensation. I agree it was a mix of compensation for what they did not do in these other cases, plus the fact it was a man of the Catholic church, plus it was the PP trying to show they care for their people. Regardless, it was a reckless decision. This nurse had 10 days vacation in Madrid, God knows if she infected other people in this time period. At the end of the day, the rest of Europe and the world is angry at Spain for handling this case in such a negligent manner.

Jesús de María Zamarriego said...

Level 4,USA-Spain? do a contest to see which government has committed more stupid?
Of course, we hit all the races when finalized.