Tuesday, September 24, 2013

When bribes aren’t fraud in Spain

An administrative assistant at the supermarket chain Caprabo was found innocent of fraud by the Supreme Court after having collected 6 million euros in “commissions” for granting an exclusive contract to a plastic bag supplier.

The court thought that since the new contract wasn’t any more expensive to Caprabo than the previous one, the fact that the employee collected a 30-40% commission on each invoice wasn’t criminal.

You got to wonder what the court was thinking here… 

At least the argument was somewhat better than the one from the Provincial Court of Barcelona, which thought that the lax of controls at Caprabo made it impossible to consider it fraud. I guess that’s just the Spanish attitude that “It’s not stealing if it wasn’t locked up.”

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Tita said...

It isn't only Spain.

As ruled by a high court in Germany last year, doctors that run their own practices can accept bribes from pharmaceutical companies. The rationale: doctors are self-employed and thus accountable to nobody.

This was also supported by the past/new government, which was quoted as saying: "The freedom of doctors is one of the strengths of our health care system."