Monday, September 9, 2013

Taxing your own solar power consumption in Spain

I’m sure there’s some kind of “in Soviet Russia” joke to be made here, but the latest rules from the Ministry of Industry make me hope that I’m just not understanding Spanish anymore.

If you have solar panels, you will have to:

  1. Register them with the government (severe penalties of up to 30 million euros if you don’t)
  2. Pay a tax that is 27% higher than the cost energy you’d buy if you didn’t have solar panels.

Perhaps next they will search your house to see if you have any energy saving light bulbs and tax you for that as well.

The National Power Regulator is asking the government to eliminate this fee, although I don’t really have much respect for them either, after they decided to change the electric rates so that you pay a higher fixed cost and a lower variable.

One thing that is not taxed is solar thermal systems, so I wonder if perhaps this will usher in a new steam age in Spain, where all our household devices will run on free and abundant solar steam power. Steampunk here we come!

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Tita said...

I read something about Spain wanting to use olive pits instead...

But seriously: in July 2013 Germany set a world record for producing solar power ( ) .

Imagine what Spain could do, if they tried just a little bit.