Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sant Cugat gets a new taxi company

I realized that Jordi Musoy wasn’t your typical taxi driver when I got a LinkedIn request from him after riding with him.

Although Sant Cugat already has a relatively decent taxi company, one thing they’ve always lacked is a larger taxi for more than four passengers. Especially considering the number of numerous families in Sant Cugat, this always struck me as a market opportunity.

Looks like Jordi has gone off and done his own thing, and opened up Excel Taxi Sant Cugat, with a fleet of Mercedes (including vans for up to six passengers), with wifi, newspaper, mineral water, snacks and other amenities.

A rather grumpy response from the existing taxi company:

… calls the elements of "added value" that provides Excel Taxi as "makeup marketing" and says "do not make a difference."  From their point of view customers do not need wifi "because they already have a third generation mobile" and "any drive can offer a smartphone chargers".

Exactly why Jordi couldn’t do his thing within the existing taxi cooperative isn’t clear, but my guess is that it was the usual Spanish attitude of “you can’t do anything special or you’ll make the rest of us look bad”.

Since the taxis are for the same price, why not give yourself a treat next time you need to go to the airport?

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Sant Cugat INFO said...

Totally agree. This is part of the mentality of the Spaniards.
We at SANTCUGAT.INFO find more and more small businesses that offer added value to their services.
Time will tell which is better.