Friday, September 27, 2013

No, you don’t need to put of with barking dogs

If you live out in Mira-sol or Valldoreix, at night you will usually hear a chorus of barking dogs. I assume that most people don’t think that anything can be done (or it doesn’t both them), however, legally dog barking is definitely something that is taken seriously if reported. You can even report it online.

Dog barks are around 60 decibles, so it’s very likely that if you have a neighbor with a barking dog, he’s breaking the law if it barks at night. People have actually gone to jail in Spain for repeatedly disobeying orders from the Town Hall.

So don’t get mad, get a lawyer.

I love dogs and I had several when I was a kid, but I don’t have any patience dog owners who don’t care for their dogs and lock them outside or let them run around without a leash.

Like a couple weeks ago we were in Parc Central and a woman lets her crazy dog run around in the kids playground. The dog was barking at the kids, grabbing their toy and chomping on them and generally terrorizing everyone. When she finally got her dog under control she was laughing at the parents who were worried about their kids’ safety.

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