Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sant Cugat vs Bellaterra

If you are looking for a house in a nice neighborhood outside Barcelona, you might see some places in Bellaterra, which is near Sant Cugat. Before you jump in, you might want to consider the following:
  • Bellaterra is part of Cerdanyola. Although Bellaterra is somewhat "decentralized", it still depends on Cerdanyola for its budget and services.
  • Cerdanyola is totally fucked up.
  • Cerdanyola decided that it would specialize in having lots of garbage dumps. It already has seven (which apparently is the limit), and it wants to add one more in Can Fajo (near the RTVE studios on AP7).
  • Municipal services don't work well in Cerdanyola. You're lucky if they come and pick up your garbage.
  • The town hall in Cerdanyola hates people who live in Bellaterra and generally makes life miserable for them by making them jump through as many bureaucratic hoops as possible.
  • Apparently many people in Cerdanyola try to pretend they live in Bellaterra so that their kids can go to the better public schools there. Even if you have a place in Bellaterra, the town hall may make you prove you really live there (by having the police randomly show up some day), which can take months and leave you in limbo without empadronamiento.


Anonymous said...

It is not that there "will" be another dump in Can Fatjo- the hole is deep already -- see

santcugat said...

The ex-clay mine hole is there (which was dug far deeper than it was permitted), but no garbage yet.

The owner of hole apparently has mega-enchufe with the Generalidad, so is trying to get it approved as a dump, and it's not clear whether he's given up or is just waiting for people to not pay attention anymore.