Monday, April 22, 2013

Toni Cantó goes off-script (again)

Not sure why Rosa Diez keeps this idiot in UPyD.

The interviewer asked Cantó, originally from Valencia, if he thought he was right to call the Popular Party’s stance on introducing Spanish into the Catalan educational system “linguistic fascism”.

The former TV star responded by saying: “There are limits, they can’t curtail my freedom. In the same way as you can’t let paedophiles get away with what they do.”

“Well, maybe I should give another example. If I compare the language issue with these kinds of things, I’m fucked. Especially after the month I’ve just had.”

In case you were wondering what he was referring to, there’s a good summary here.

  • Claiming that most rape accusations were false
  • Thinking that there had just been a coup (somehow he got a story from 1981)
  • Arguing that bullfighting was okay because animals don’t have any rights

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