Friday, January 18, 2013

How far in denial is the PSC in Sabadell?

So the sort-of-ex PSC mayor of Sabadell Manuel “el capo” Bustos is still claiming to be completely corruption free, despite the fact that everyone in Catalunya knows he’s a corrupt bastard.

I was talking to our moving guy the other day, and he told me “Oh yeah, my son had to buy him a new laptop so that he could get an contract for Sabadell. Everyone knows that’s how you get work in Sabadell”.

So when the council in Sabadell passed a motion of disapproval of Bustos and his co-conspirators (with all of PSC voting against it), the spokesman for PSC complained “"They want to cause us irreparable harm, what will you say when it is shown that the accused are innocent?"

Hahahaha. Here’s Bustos in a very funny version of that song from Les Mis:

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