Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stupid productivity “improvements”

Productivity is defined as the amount of work divided by the hours worked. So when a government minister says that people need to work more hours in order to improve productivity, I start to despair.

People in Spain already work more hours on average than people in most other European countries, so raising that number is not going to improve things. There’s a lot of research on productivity showing that the more time people have to do their work, the slower they do it.

Now with the whole arguments about removing holidays to improve productivity is another stupid step in a stupid direction. In a non-stupid country, you’d just move the holidays so that they are on a Monday. That way people can enjoy the long weekend without needing to skip one day of work, and if they really want an extra long weekend, nothing is stopping them from skipping Tuesday.

Apparently the Catholic Church is against this (and therefore the PP), since if the holidays were moved a couple days around people would be less holy or something. I know that there were a couple of schisms a thousand years ago about calculating the date for Easter, but come on, it’s not like someone is going to suddenly start going to church because they realize November 1st is All Saints Day.

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