Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pere Navarro and the corruption scandal in Sabadell

It’s amazing that after the huge kickback scandal that has been exposed in PSC-run Sabadell town hall that Pere Navarro, the of the PSC, hasn’t demanded (the mayor) Manuel Bustos’ head on a platter.

Even if by some stretch of the imagination he is totally innocent, he is obviously completely incompetent to let such a thing happen on his match. There’s been corruption allegations going back at least as far as 2007, including a criminal complaint filed by the ICV party which apparently eventually led to the recent arrests.

The fact that Melquiades Garrido (uncle of the mayor) managed to get juicy public works contracts without any real explanation doesn’t really help his case very much.

The El Pais story from 2007 is pretty amazing. Bustos is (still) the head of the board of VIMUSA, which is the Sabadell municipal housing authority. Garrido was appointed to the board several months after Bustos was elected, and then gave millions of euros of contracts to building companies that were controlled by Garrido and his partners. In 2007 on the day when the story of this was to be published, Bustos managed to get himself a speeding ticket for going 40-50 km above the limit on the Rondas. I wonder where he was rushing off to.

Update: There are taped phone conversions where the accused refer to Bustos as ‘el capo’.

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