Thursday, October 11, 2012

Is the PP government trying to break Spain apart?

There’s the old rule that you should never ascribe anything to malice that could be explained by incompetence, but after the recent performance of the government in Madrid, you got to wonder.

Ignacio Wert, the minister of education, made headlines this week with his statement that the intention of the central government was to make Catalan students more Spanish. Granted, he did qualify his statement somewhat, but he should have known that he was confirming every paranoia that Catalans have about attempts by Madrid to create a homogenous Spanish culture (don’t mention Franco). A deputy from Catalunya sarcastically thanked Wert for “helping to open the eyes of so many Catalans”.

Today, he decided to continue digging himself into a hole by telling a reporter that anyone who was scandalized by his statement was suffering from mental problems.


trebots said...

Apparently he's into French republican values, which only go down well with the local political oligarchy when France = Cataloonia. But he did say that if you want to have your kid educated in Spanish, he'll pay for It to be sent to private school! The Lycée Français would do nicely, even though It would have to rub shoulders with the sprogs of Mas et al.

introido said...

I don't understand why an Education Minister is criticised when he tries to guarantee the right of every Spaniard, including Catalans, to receive education in Spanish. Can anybody conceive an OECD country where the Education can not be released on the country's own language? Wellcome to Spain.

santcugat said...

If he had said that he just wanted to guarantee the right for people to choose which official language they want their children educated in, I don't think it would have been a big deal. Similar things have been said by PSOE and PP in the past and no one made an issue of it.

What he said though was that he wanted to make Catalan students more Spanish, which invokes Franco and his efforts to promote a single Spanish identity (consisting of bullfighting, flamenco and the catholic church).

Personally I would prefer my kids to be educated in Spanish, but my guess is that the chances of that have become zero since he decided to open his mouth.