Monday, September 24, 2012

Where we receive our first Burofax

I wonder if anyone has ever received good news with a Burofax, but in Spain, this is usually a process for sending bad news (you’re fired, etc) with the post office essentially certifying the contents and the fact that it’s been delivered (if the person it’s being delivered to bothers to pick it up).

In our case, we had been renting our place for five years, always paying on time and never causing problems to our landlord. By Spanish law, a landlord needs to give 30 days notice before the lease expires after the fifth year, or else it is automatically renewed for another year.

When we came back from a recent trip, we found a Burofax notice (looks like a certified letter notice) dated literally days before the 30 day deadline telling us we have to move out in 30 days. We weren’t there to receive the notice, and we picked up the Burofax at our earliest convenience today, which was however after the 30 day deadline.

The other weird thing was that cancellation notice was in Catalan, but our rental contract and all communication with our landlord was always in Spanish.

Needless to say, we’re stressed out now again, and perhaps need another trip to recover from this. Maybe this is a sign we should move somewhere else.


Vincent said...

(First post after following your blog quite a while with some interest. I also live in Sant Cugat)

Wow, that must be tough news.. Very bad manners from your landlord to leave things until so late! Did he give any good reason?

Anyway hope you and your family will win this..! If not at least it's not a bad time to buy...

Lee said...

Who would kick out a long-term reliable tenant in this market? Something odd afoot...