Sunday, July 8, 2012

Garzon’s revenge

After the failure of Bankia, the Rajoy and the PP has attempted to get the mess swept under the carpet as quickly as possible. One day the bank said it had made a profit of 330 million euros, then one week later it looks like they have a loss of 30 billion euros. Somehow this loss was hidden from both the auditors and the Bank of Spain (which the government is trying to scapegoat for the whole affair). If you think this was by accident, I’ve got an airport in Castelleon to sell you.

Now all of a sudden, a small left wing political party has brought a private prosecution against the entire board of Bankia, together with a very motivated investigating judge (Fernando Andreu) looks like he is out to make a name for himself.

The most ironic part of the whole thing is that the PP spent the last couple months preaching about how the trial of Garzon was totally fair, and about the sanctity of the judicial process, with no possible political interference.

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