Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Men in Black not coming to Spain

The minister in charge of Hacienda (the Spanish IRS) made a fool of himself yesterday, saying that “We don’t need the Men in Black” to come and rescue Spain.

The commentators had a field day, my favorite was one guy who thought what the Spanish government really needed was the Men in Black to use their memory erasure device so people don’t remember all the election promises that they’ve already broken.


Ampower said...

This is getting ridiculous. The current government and also the previous one. I don't see the improvement anywhere...
Apparently they still have time to make stupid jokes while we are living this situation. Unbelievable!
Amparo Ruiz

Lee said...

What's truly scary is that the king actually said something that have an iota of common sense (that austerity alone isn't enough). When things are so bad that that old sot gets his tiny brain moving, we're really in trouble.