Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Outrageous conclusion to Urdangarin trial

Looks like Urdangarin, the son-in-law of the king will accept the equivalent of a plea-bargain, and pay 1.7 million in fines, and avoid jail. However, prosecutors in the Balearics are saying they’re not going to accept anything less than 3.5 million. Given the fact that he has somehow managed to amass a fortune of over 11 million euros, despite never really being employed to do anything useful (somehow I doubt his ex-handball player endorsements ever amounted to that much), he must be laughing. He even still has his job as on the advisory board of Telefonica, where he makes more than a million euros a year.

So basically the guy effectively steals more than 11 million euros and then returns 1.7 million of it when he gets caught. You’d think with the reputation of the king already suffering, they’d at least have the sense to nail Urdangarin, at least as a good PR move.


Anonymous said...

Spain is becoming a banana republic.

Anonymous said...

Outrageous, tomorrow I'll leave Telefonica and go to another Company.
Enough is enough.