Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Foreign currency Spanish autonomous bonds

I was looking through the bond screener the other day, and it was interesting to see adventures of the Spanish autonomous regions into the international bond market.

  Maturity Yield to Maturity Currency ISIN
GENERALITAT DE VALENCIA 22.02.2013 16.57% CHF CH0024125541
GENERALITAT DE VALENCIA 24.08.2012 13.64% CHF CH0038364987
JUNTA COMUN CAST MANCHA 28.11.2016 11.05% CAD CA48204TAB58
COMUNIDAD DE MADRID 15.07.2015 10.95% CHF CH0043057295
GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA 24.03.2016 10.83% CHF CH0110411532

What the hell were they doing selling bonds in Canadian dollars?

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