Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Copa del Rey soap opera

All in all, it should be a fun game on Friday.

The supporters of Barca and Bilbao will be outdoing each other as to who can be more independentist, despite the obvious irony of playing in a competition in honor of the King of Spain.

Meanwhile, the ultra-rightwing Falange will be holding a march around the stadium “contra el aquelarre separatista que se producirá ese día”. Perhaps the ultra-left wing antisistema people from Barcelona will also show up to make things even more interesting.

The president of the Madrid region, Esperanza Aguirre, who is battling severe credibility issues due to recent revelations that the budge of Madrid may have certain irregularities, decided to try to outdo everyone else by calling for the games to be cancelled, because she was worried that the honor of the King might be impugned by the supporters whistling during the anthem.

The interior minister replied saying that unless there was a bomb or something, he wouldn’t call the game off. Hopefully this won’t be taken as a suggestion by anyone.

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Lee said...

Just a small correction: the right wing march is scheduled to go from Plaza Chamberi to the the glorieta of Alonso Martínez, which is about two kilometers from the stadium (and on the other side of Paseo de la Castellana). So it's not like they'll be howling at the gates (though I'm still not leaving the house Friday evening.)