Saturday, February 4, 2012

Teaching your kids Computer Science

If you live here, it means that you’re not getting any help from your school in getting the little ones interested in Computer Science. By Computer Science, I don’t mean being able to use PowerPoint, Word and being able to browse the web. I mean being able to program computer, and eventually being good enough at it to make a living doing so.

Even schools like Agora or Europa, which allegedly have computer science programs as of ESO 4 (Grade 10) are typically Spanish in their approach, and spend a lot of time on description and memorization and not that much on actually learning how to program.

If you think that Grade 10 is too early, that was already three years into my computer science career, and the school I went to allowed me to attend a local university for extra enrichment.

So as an English speaking parent, probably the best you can do is many of the great online courses.

Math enrichment: Khan Academy

Basic programming: Scratch (a visual programming environment similar to Logo of old days)

More advanced: Hackety (thanks Josh)

Great e-book on learning Python for Kids: Snake Wrangling For Kids

Any other suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs from the M.I.T. is great stuff. Not for kids though.