Friday, June 3, 2011

Catalonia: Please cancel the AVE to Extremadura and give the money to us instead

The leader of the governing party of Catalonia was lamenting the fact that Madrid couldn’t give more money to Catalonia, so the Minister of “Economy and Knowledge” for Catalonia came up with this brilliant idea that I’m sure will do much for the solidarity of the regions. Or not.


Anonymous said...

Solidarity is what you voluntary give, not what you are unilaterally robbed.
10% of Catalonia's GDP is every year stolen (that means 22.000 millions euros) to finance politically-decided underused infrastructures (see Castellon Airport, Ciudad Real Airport, Huesca Airport, Cuenca AVE, etc.).
A 4% would be acceptable as a maximum. At least that is approximately the solidarity percentage between regions in the USA and Germany.

santcugat said...

I covered this in a previous post. The 10% estimate is bogus and the real (lower) number is more or less inline with what the richer countries already pay in transfer payments to the EU.