Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My first Spanish accident

I had my introductory car accident today, where a guy on a scooter smacked into my rear bumper going into a round-about. I don’t know how he could have not seen my extremely bright colored car, but who knows. So the guy that hit me shows me his police ID and then says that he doesn’t have his insurance papers with him.

What was I supposed to do? I snapped a picture of his scooter and his ID and he left, promising to call me and give me the information. So far, no call.

Next time, I’ll have sheet of paper and a pen in the car.

Here’s an example form that you can print out and keep with you so you know what details to collect.


Vincent B. said...

Here is also a good one, bilingual (English/Spanish):


Vincent B. said...

It also allows you to sketch the accident online:

Follow the upper link.

Never needed it so far (walls and pillars in parking garages don´t fill out damage forms ;)

santcugat said...

Those are great! Thanks!

The really annoying part was that he didn't hit side that was already damaged by one of those uncooperative pillars.