Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy ending to my first accident in Spain

I had been a bit worried that I would never hear back from the friendly policeman who rear-ended me earlier this week. I called his department and asked to speak to him, but he wasn’t there. Police officers here all go by number, not last name… Inspector Morse would be Agente 1072. Is that a legacy of ETA killing policemen with the wrong last name?

Coincidentally or not, he called me about 20 minutes later and we agreed to meet the next morning at a roundabout near where he worked.

I was a bit nervous when I pulled up and he was there with his police car and buddy, but he was super friendly, and had already filled out his side of the accident form “Parte de Accidentes modelo europeo” saying that that he didn’t stop in time and ran into me. (By the way, you can pick up the carbon-copy official version from the RACC). We both signed the forms and were on our way.

I was a bit confused when he said that said that the insurance company would send a small dog to look at my car, but then guessed that he was talking about an appraiser (now I know an appraiser is called a “perito”, with one r).

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Pueblo girl said...

Classic vocabulary moment. We miss out on that when we learn our first language, but I have plenty of memories associated with learning new words in Spanish that make me smile now.