Monday, March 14, 2011

Sant Cugat builds new garbage dump near Agora

The city of Sant Cugat is in the process of building a new garbage dump about 400 meters from Agora. Not sure why it's been picked up by the local paper just now, since they've been digging the hole for quite some time. I'm sure that the Holiday Inn right next door will be overjoyed as well.

The center for high performance sports (CAR) is not quite so happy either.

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There’s a web site for petitioning against the dump at (thanks Vincent!)

These are the affected areas:


Àgora: 450 metres
El Til·ler - Waldorf: 500 metres
El Viaró: 500 metres
Llar d'en Pitus: 700 metres
Centre d'Alt Rendiment: 700 metres
Gerbert d'Orlhac: 800 metres
UAB: 800 metres
Pureza de María: 900 metres
El Musical: 1000 metres
Ramon Fuster: 1.100 metres
Universitat Gimbernat: 850 metres
Thau: 1.000 metres


Asepeyo: 300 metres


Holiday Inn Express Sant Cugat: 150 metres
Novotel: 600 metres
Sant Pancràs: 900 metres
Bellaterra: 1.000 metres


Joma's: 300 metres
Catalana Occidente: 450 metres
TVE Sant Cugat: 700 metres


Vincent B. said...

Thanks for the tip. I´m living in Coll Fava which would be less than one kilometer away from the dump. I am afraid for bad smells and health risks especially in summer or when the wind blows from the wrong direction. Have inscribed myself to the platform against the dump, would encourage anyone else to do so as well:

Vincent B. said...

And I was wondering all the time why there were so many trucks full of sand coming from the direction of the Holiday Inn...

I had a closer look yesterday and the hole seems huge!!

Just to add that the website mentions that the plans for the dump are from the city of Cerdanyola, not Sant Cugat. Apparently just within Cerdanyola city limits.

So much for having good neighbours....