Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The perfect Sant Cugat mob home

We were looking through the Sant Cugat real estate listings (starting off with the most unaffordable houses first, because they are more fun), and couldn’t help but notice the unique feature of this home near the Arxiu:

Superf. 383 m², 5 habitaciones dobles, 4 baños, cocina 22, 56 m, lavadero 6, 35 m, comedor 40, 67 m, terraza 10, 60 m, suelos mármol y gres, jardín con piscina y barbacoa, garaje 65, 34 m, calefacción gas, vidrios antivalas,[bullet proof glass] carpinteria interior cerezo, sur, estudio 20, 10 m, obra vista

I wonder who the previous occupant was, and if they are still alive.


M.D. said...

Maybe the wife of the family living there had Opera ambitions...and was the only one who actually believed in her talent... ;-)

jennifer @ OrangePolkaDot said...

Interesting because last year at one of my cooking classes in Valldoreix, a person that lives not far from there was telling a story about a neighbor mob-occupied house that was burglarized with the residents (mob members) being tied up and the thieves leaving with 3 million euros. Not sure if it is true, but it was a good story!

Anonymous said...

That mob story was in Valldoreix not Arxiu... anyway i wonder if the bathroom sink is also made out of bulletproof glass otherwise I don't know how to get up to 1,8 million euros