Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekend excursion in Sant Cugat: Calçots at Can Borrell

If it’s a sunny Sunday in winter, you can find half of Sant Cugat along the trail to have lunch or breakfast at Masia Can Borrell, which is about 2.5 km walk from the roundabout near the Europa School. It’s a nice “starter” hike if your kids aren’t used to it. Ours whined for the first 100m or so, but once they realized we weren’t turning around they started to have fun.

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Make sure you have reservations, and it’s best to arrive early for lunch (1:30) otherwise the food can take a while. You can also have breakfast from 10-12.

Calçots are a type of green onion typical to this region that is roasted and eaten with a special salvitxada sauce. The usual season is February-March, but you can find them in many places starting in January.

It’s a very messy affair, so you get a bib and plastic gloves to help you out. The procedure is like this: first take off the outer shell (which usually pretty burnt from the bbq), then hold it at one end, dip it into the sauce and the lower it into your mouth from above. Lots of fun for adults and kids alike.

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Su-Lin said...

Oh wow - one day I'll make it to Catalunya in Feb/Mar and eat all the calcots I can!