Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vermont maple syrup, from Canada

If you want some real maple syrup, you can find “Vermont” maple syrup at the OpenCor on Rambla del Celler. The curious thing about the bottle is that it says “Product of Canada” on it. (In case you were wondering, Vermont is definitely not in Canada, it’s in the US.) Is this a good thing or bad thing?

According to my preliminary web research, it’s actually a somewhat bad thing, and at least one Vermont maple syrup brand had to pay a fine for repackaging cheap Quebec maple syrup and not mentioning it on the label. The Vermontians seem very protective of their syrup industry.

If you want slightly more premium maple syrup, Veritas usually has a better selection (at a not so much better price) of syrups. Be careful not to confuse it with be confused with the Agave syrup that has gotten popular lately (maple syrup is “sirope de arce”).

In case you were wondering what the “grades” are all about, here’s a good reference. Grade B is usually a good bet if you want lots of flavor.


Charles Butler said...

You put that on you panqueques, by the way.

StQgat / SF fan said...

Great! Thanks for the info. I will also put it on my gofres.