Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Lleida school bullying case

There was a sad story in December about the case of a 10 year old boy who had been suffering from four years of bullying at school, which was so severe that it ended up putting him in hospital several times due to injuries and anxiety.

In the end, rather than dealing with the perpetrators, the school ended up sending the victim to a different school. Problem solved, right? Except perhaps for the poor kid that is on the next rung up on the totem pole.

This is still pretty typical for Spain. There isn’t really the recognition of the psychological aspects of bullying, and the burden of proof for victims is very high. There are a couple schools in Barcelona with good anti-bullying practices, such as the American School of Barcelona.


Anonymous said...

According to the text the boy is suffering bullying for the last 4 years... not from he is 4. Also if you read carefully the article The boy is STILL in the same school, on the recommendation of teachers because he is dyslexic.
Maybe your low opinion of Catalunya is also a problem of translation.

santcugat said...

According to the second article, he starts at a new school on Monday. Here's another article.

Ironically, I think you mis-translated what I said... "suffering from four years of bullying" doesn't mean "suffering from bullying since he was four", although for a Spanish speaker, I can see why there might be some confusion.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for "another article" where I can follow the case.
Sorry for my grammatical mistakes in english. I'm not spanish speaker, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Europa also doesn't put up with bullying and they take it very seriously.