Friday, December 3, 2010

Our miserable Casa del Libro experience

Spain has an alleged site called Casadellibro, which promises more than a million books, with next day shipping.

Unfortunately the promise seems to be more aspirational rather than reality-based. We made the order for about twenty Spanish books about two weeks ago. After the order we didn’t hear from them until yesterday, when we received an email from them saying that none of the books we ordered were available. Maybe we want to order something else? Right.

The new strategy is to just order from They offers free shipping (did I mention free shipping?) for orders more than 25 pounds. The packages also arrive faster than orders from Spain and I’ve never run into a problem with them.


Todd said...

I've had similar experiences with Casa del libro. :( For fiding english books while in Spain, I recommend Amazon(.com or English books are hard to find here in Spain...and expensive!! (on a side note, if you're ever in Stockholm, there are loads of second-hand english books, and cheap!!) For spanish books, if I can't find it in my local bookstore, I simply *order it* from my local bookstore. Same price as Casa del libro, but with free shipping. :)

santcugat said...

Mostly I use my Kindle now for english books. Saves on time and shipping... works great if you have a US billing address.