Friday, December 17, 2010

La Caixa invents a new fee for a crappy service

Someone said to me once that if the banks in Spain could figure out some way to charge you for the oxygen you breath while in their branch, then they probably would.

La Caixa has now invented a fee that I have seen at no other bank. You can look at your transactions online, but if you want to save them to Excel, they want to charge you 3 euros per download and you have to wait up to 2 hours for it to become available. Their little gnomes have to run down to the basement and find the right microfiche and quickly type it in.

Even better, if you request it in Excel, they still send it to you in this ridiculous “Cuaderno 43” text format, which was designed to be processed by COBOL code.

Bankinter provides a little conversion program that gets you most of the way to Excel, but you still need to divide all Euro amounts by 100 since they haven’t discovered decimal just yet.


mondraussie said...

Ha! I don't back with La Caixa so I'm yet to experience the joys of that particular service. I was however less than impressed when I went to take out money from an atm yesterday, was in a hurry and went to "another" bank, thinking "I'll just swallow the fee they'll charge"... until i found out that the fee was 12.50 euros!!!

santcugat said...

In many cases it's your own bank that's charging you a super high fee for disloyal ATM use.