Thursday, November 11, 2010

The PPC’s “integration contract” for immigrants to Catalunya

PPC’s (Partit Popular de Catalunya) mission to get the xenophobic vote in Catalunya continues with their dumb latest idea, which is a contract that immigrants would sign before immigrating.

It commits them to pay their taxes, learn Catalan and most importantly, go “home” if they lose their jobs. So exactly why should immigrants have an obligation to pay unemployment taxes?

But wait, the stupidity does not stop there. The president of the PPC continued:

“With nearly 20% of unemployment, we cannot maintain the same immigration policy that when we had 8% of workers without jobs. With the crisis we are forced to take action and fix immigration, where one in five unemployed is an immigrant.”

Okay everyone, what’s one in five? 20%.

So basically immigrants have the same unemployment rate as the rest of Spain.


Graeme said...

It would be interesting to know what percentage of the PPC comply themselves with the requirements to pay taxes and learn Catalan? Will those who don't throw themselves out of the country?

santcugat said...

Yup... watching their futile efforts at appealing to Girona Catalanist xenophobes and Barcelona right-wing Spanish nationalists at the same time is quite entertaining.

It's our own little tea party.

M.D. said...

The sick thing is that there are a lot of people who agree with it...even those who are immigrants...Catalunya is such an amazing place to live :-)

santcugat said...

Unfortunately you'll find those people everywhere. The Dutch have Geert Wilders, the French have Le Pen, the Austrians have Haider, and don't forget Sarah Palin....