Sunday, October 17, 2010

Terrassa with new eyes

Since we had our baby at the university hospital Mutua Terrassa, we had a bit of time to walk around downtown Terrassa. I was actually pleasantly surprised, while walking west from the hospital along Carrer de la Font Vella. It’s a nice walkable downtown, with a giant Abacus store, restaurants, bakeries and crowds of people wandering around. No Starbucks though, you’ll have to go to the rival town of Sabadell for that. We had dinner at a tapas place called Perpicar (per picar), which had some confusing, yet amusing bathroom signs (the womens’ washroom was labeled Perdonas).

Walking east, you see the Valparadis park, seems to be designed to matches the great downtown park of Sabadell. It even has a little train that goes up and down, just like the one in Sabadell. The S1 train line is being extended from Rambla Terrassa to stop at Valparadis (pretty close to the hospital) and continue on north.

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Anonymous said...

"Per donas" means ... for women.

santcugat said...

We figured that out when we saw that the other sign said "perhomes".