Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween in Spain

Over the last couple years, both Santa Claus and Halloween have been slowly making inroads in Spain. (Santa Claus definitely has practical advantages, due to kids getting their presents at the beginning of the Christmas vacation vs at the end.)

It has been popularized both by UK and American influence, but also by South Americans who have already absorbed this little piece of Celtic culture due to the proximity of the US.

Spanish people still are under the impression that the only proper costumes for Halloween involve zombies or vampires, which probably makes sense since having to be creative about a costume for Carnival AND Halloween would probably make life too difficult.

We’re definitely encouraging our kids to get excited about Halloween, and today they got to try out their little Jedi outfits. You wouldn’t believe how excited they are.

We were hoping for the baby to join in with this:

Baby Girl Princess Leia Star Wars Costume (6-12M)

But it was sold out…

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