Friday, October 8, 2010

Ferran Adrià sells out (again)

Culinary genius Ferran Adrià is at it again with yet another weird sell-out. No, he’s not pitching Pikolin mattresses again. Refresh your memory:

"When I was offered the opportunity to participate in this project, I could not help looking back and realizing that my rest has always been linked to Pikolin. This more emotional reason, coupled with a brilliant project equipped with a key component for me as is the desire to create, improve and innovate using technology and creativity, I did not think twice and buy into the project Eurotop" said Ferran Adrià.

This time he sold out to the ultimate in selling-out-ed-ness, Telefonica:

The four-year deal also involves organising training courses and conferences in several major cities, including Miami, New York, London, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Mexico, Madrid and Barcelona, it said in a statement released late on Tuesday.

Why Telefonica? Well, it looks like he needs the money:

The deal with Telefonica represents "the first funds for the foundation, for which we are still looking for money," Adria told the Spanish business newspaper Expansion published Wednesday.

I don’t really understands why Ferran choses these bizarre ways to attempt to cash in on his fame, rather than just charging a higher price to eat at his restaurant.

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