Thursday, September 30, 2010

Violence in Barcelona during strike

Looks like more of the same stuff happened yesterday as per after Barca games. The violence was blamed on “anti-system” groups, which is the first time I’ve heard this term. Perhaps this is a newer and more modern anarchist.

From what I heard, this anti-system group had been squatting in a building for some time now, and the Mossos had the brilliant idea to choose this day to forcibly evict them.

It’s kind of sad that in most of the scenes you see about 10 mossos beating the crap out of one or two protesters while about 10 reporters are snapping pictures.

Warning, pretty graphic video:


trebots said...

You've been had - that video's from a few years ago.

trebots said...

Sorry, 18 months ago:

Maybe it was recycled then too. Yeah, maybe anti-sistema is some kind of fucked-up leftover from French "truth is what you make it" stuff. But then the Mossos are perhaps pro-sistema, and they tell porkers as well.