Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Even the CiU thinks the Catalan requirement for university professors is stupid

A follow-up on the story about the new requirements for all new permanent university professors to know Catalan.

The president of the conservative nationalist party CiU, Duran i Lleida rejected the decree and thought that it would hinder the “realities existing in the universities”. He mentioned Xavier Sala Martin, one of the world’s leading economists (and strong proponent of an independent Catalunya) who had this to say (translated):

…the Catalan universities will never be world leaders in anything if your faculty is limited to people who speak Catalan. We must attract the best teachers from around the world, including British, American, Japanese, German, Italian or Chilean. Imposing a language barrier is crazy and people do not understand the role of universities in society: at the age that children go to university, Catalan should have been learned. The university is not there for learning Catalan but to learn economics, medicine, law or nuclear physics. Enough of tripartite and their endless drivel. Enough to ruin the country and all its institutions.

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