Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cucumber overflow

I planted a couple of cucumber seeds from Veritas on our terrace three months ago. They have proceeded to take over the planters and most of the terrace itself. I’m getting about 2 or 3 giant cucumbers each day.

We have some friends who have too many tomatoes and others that have too many zucchinis, so I’m trying to set up a little trading system.

I’ve also switched from ice cream snacks to cucumber snacks. In many ways it looks like the ideal snack food. It scores a 4.5/5.0 on the “fullness factor” and 4.6/5.0 on the nutrition rating.

Our strawberries have done ok (but they lack a bit in flavor), the carrots are doing great (next time I need to thin them out a bit more), and the tomato plants are growing very tall, but seem to be forgetting about their primary mission in life, ie producing tomatoes.


Ashleigh said...

I love it! You'll all have the making of a great batch of gazpacho!

Pueblo Girl said...

I didn't know you did gardening. All on a balcony? You want to be careful, the gardening bug can go viral.

santcugat said...

I have a couple planters downstairs as well. The place came with an automatic irrigation system, so I thought it would be a sin not to plant anything.

The kids love going and picking the food right before dinner time.