Friday, July 16, 2010

What do Catalans think about independence?

The institute of political science at the Universitat Autonoma publishes an annual poll of opinions in Catalunya on a wide range of topics. Here’s a couple things I found interesting in the 2009 poll. One thing that shocked me was that 68% of people in Catalunya have at least one parent that is from outside Catalunya.

Question 23: Do you believe Catalunya should be a:

Region of Spain 4%
Autonomous community in Spain (status quo) 48%
A state in a federal Spain 20%
An independent state 21%

Question 24: How important is the debate around the shape of the state to you?

Very important 12%
Somewhat important 42%
Little important 30%
Unimportant 12%

question 37: what does “Spain” mean to you?

My country 23%
A nation of which I am a member 6%
A state of which I am a citizen 21%
A state that consists of different nations and regions 37%
A foreign state that my country belongs to 10%

question 47: where were you born:

Catalunya 61%
Andalusia 10%
Rest of Spain 11%
Foreign 18%

question 50: where were your parents born:

Both in Catalunya 32%
Both outside Catalunya 55%
One in and one outside 13%

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