Thursday, July 1, 2010

Education spending Catalunya

If you are not already depressed about the state of public education in Catalunya, read this report by the Fundatio Jaume Bofill.

Catalunya spends 2% of its GDP basis on pre-university education vs an average of 3% for Spain.

Does this affect outcomes? A simple linear regression suggests the answer might be yes.

And yes, that is Catalunya sitting down there at a proud 61% graduation rate in the public system, the worst in Spain.



trifolium said...

They know it's bad, which is why they've decided to learn from Extremadura. My old mate memory tells me that Extremadura's main tecEd achievement was to waste a substantial part of its budget for years developing an OS suited for schools. Despite Cáceres having substantial natural silicon deposits, the result was complete crap, and I believe teachers used to use Windoze and hurriedly switch to an ExtremeOS screensaver when inspectors arrived.

I keep threatening to move to La Rioja, which has a higher proportion of poor immigrants than Cataloonia but far better results, and rather better food and drink. But the missus appears to believe I have a quarter of a million squirrelled away to pay for a couple of decades of Calvin Kleinducation and refuses to budge.

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of spurious correlations, data mining, confirmation bias, etc?


santcugat said...

Welcome back, Rab!

Candide said...

Wow, looks like Rab does what he does in many places.

Btw, trifolium, did you write "Cataloonia" on purpose? Just to credit you when I use it.