Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Squeezing the small guys

The government continues its policy of trying to soak the middle class to pay for decreasing the deficit. Now they want to raise the regulated portion of electric rates by 10%:

The Ministry of Industry has prepared a draft Ministerial Order on the proposed increase from July 1 the regulated electricity tariffs (so-called access tolls) by 10% for homes and small businesses, 5% for medium voltage customers and 0% for large consumers (mainly industry).

This is on top of the increase in VAT for July.

Meanwhile, the story about raising the taxes on the rich has pretty much disappeared (other than Catalunya’s rather symbolic 1% raise).

Perhaps people just need to get more creative, like this builder (who also incapable of building a vertical wall, as demonstrated on left with a level and a piece of cheese) in Mira-sol, who decided to run a hose from the municipal park next door to water the garden:


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