Monday, June 28, 2010

Resources for gifted children in Spanish schools

Schools are required to provide additional resources both to gifted and special-needs children. However, your opinion as a parent (or even the teacher’s opinion) doesn’t count for much.

So get your child to a child psychologist and have them do an assessment. If you don’t get the result you need (happened to us, our child wasn’t very impressed with the first psychologist and didn’t do very well), get a second opinion, or a third, etc.

We ended up having a very good experience with a psychologist from a group called Positive Parenting Plus, who have offices in Sant Cugat and Barcelona.

Once you have your document in hand, the school will take you much more seriously and in many cases you will find flexibility you never thought possible.


Ashleigh said...

I think it's great that you can get services to help you child reach for the stars! In the States, we, as parents, had to provide info, so did the teacher, and the school psychologist.

santcugat said...

The US is definitely much more advanced in helping out gifted children and also dealing with the associated issues such as bullying, fitting in with a group, self esteem etc.

Catalunya also has the stupid language issue, which means you choice of schools is extremely limited if you want a reasonable amount of international exposure.