Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The joke of Spanish justice

The headlines say "Seven years in prison for money laundering for the Georgian capo Kalashov", but the reality is somewhat different.

It is entirely possible that Kalashov, who is currently out on bail, will never see the inside of a Spanish prison again, and will only be deported back to Georgia.

His lawyers were a former judge Javier Gomez de Liano and his wife, former district attorney Dolores Marquez de Prado.

His subordinates were sentenced to between two and four years in prison, but the sentences were suspended and they were expelled from Spain for ten years.

An interesting part of the case was the appearance of information from the Russian intelligence service that Kalashov attempted to influence high-level Spanish officials in his case (supposedly unsuccessfully), in addition to bribing prison officials in order to receive better treatment and a phone so he could continue to manage his operations.

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