Friday, June 25, 2010

Joaquim Nadal blames the victims

The Catalan minister for public works, Joaquim Nadal said that “now is not the time to place blame” in the tragedy in Castelldefels, but then goes on to say that it was really negligence on the part those non-rule abiding Ecuadorian, who fail to understand that this is a country of rules that must be followed. Not that he’s blaming anyone.

An excellent infographic from El Mundo shows how the tragedy unfolded.

Like any tragedy of this magnitude, many things all went wrong at exactly the wrong time. The timings of the trains, the confusion around the closed overpass, the crowding of the underpass, the fact that it was in the middle of the night, the fact that a team of security guards was scheduled to arrive seven minutes after the incident, an impatient crowd of teenagers, etc.


trifolium said...

With variations, I think the initial reaction of all the regional government politicians was: They're dead because they're stupid because they're sudacas, and we wouldn't have minded so much but the ba$tards with a complete lack of thought ruined our puente, which will be one of the last we'll have with official chauffeur. Only the Renfe boss (who is coincidentally not from these parts) showed some nous and said first how terrible it was and second that he didn't think the driver was at fault. Rancid scum, the rest.

Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong, both factually and ethically. You insult the victims with racial slurs and then you try to put your own insults in someone else's mouth. There is no single quote, anywhere in the Internet or in the written press that supports your point. Instead, the overwhelming majority of comments everybody has heard or read say that this was a tragedy and everbody feels sorry for the victims and their families. I personaly despise all those who use a tragedy to push for their political agenda, and that's exactly what you are doing here

Charles Butler said...

Umm, do you check that e-mail address you've got posted?