Monday, June 7, 2010

Everyone-hates-me week

The in-laws left in a huff … apparently I had forgotten to say hello when they first arrived (probably due to the fact that I was running around like crazy picking up kids, shopping, finding a place for my parents to stay and trying to actually do my job). They sent a very kind email to us detailing the full extent of the outrages that we (mostly me) had (apparently with malicious intent) perpetrated against them.

Then my parents came to stay in Sant Cugat, which was going great until we found out the hard way that they expected dinner to be prepared for them every time they came over. Yesterday, after my older son threw a fit and decided he hated me and wanted to kill me (first with a heavy book, then with a fork, then with a screwdriver), we kinda forgot to make dinner for them. They left without saying goodbye. I finally managed to reach them by phone and tried to patch things up. We’ll see how that worked out today.

Then I also managed to piss off my partner by doing something (or not doing something, I’m not sure), so we weren’t talking much yesterday either.

My youngest son told me that he still likes me.

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