Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Coca de Sant Joan

041-coca-de-sant-joan-1 We bought our coca today, which is a pastry that look suspiciously like a roscón de reyes but flat and without marzipan. The long line at the local bakery near the train station in Valldoreix suggested that this was one of the better places to get it

Tonight the Nit de Sant Joan activity starts in Sant Cugat. I’m looking forward to seeing the Diables de Sant Cugat.

If you miss your chance to buy a Coca de Sant Joan, don’t worry, You can buy your Coca de Sant Pere (patron of the fishermen) next week, which looks exactly the same, except with a different saint.

If you are wondering what all those signs advertising Petards are (or Petardos for the non-Catalan compliant signage), those are the really loud firecrackers and fireworks you will be hearing a lot of over the next couple days. It’s not quite as bad as in Alicante, where the ground literally shakes, but still enough to make all the dogs in Sant Cugat wish they were elsewhere.

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