Monday, May 17, 2010

Stupid referendum on Diagonal in Barcelona

It's pretty obvious to anyone who's spent time in Barcelona that the middle section of Diagonal is in serious need of some kind of change.

The government of Barcelona had the brilliant idea of doing a referendum to decide which option to take. Naturally, most anyone living near the soon to be reformed Diagonal voted "none-of-the-above" (who wants to be stuck in construction hell for 2 years?). Most of the other people couldn't be bothered to vote, so the end result was 80% for "none-of-the-above" with 12% voter participation.

For me, the point of representative government is to make the difficult choices, and be voted out of office if you are wrong. If you just want to make the easy choice, just hire an opinion polling company and save everyone a bunch of effort and money.

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trebolino said...

And if you're a mayor struggling in the polls, don't hold referenda which pit you against the rest and enable them to allow the public to judge you rather than your agenda. The PSC didn't help him overly, so they've accepted he's dead meat already.

Is his wife already back from her African safari? It's all gone very quiet.