Thursday, May 6, 2010

Scamming your way into a concertada school via Celiac disease

There are a couple super-exclusive concertada school (partially state supported, so cheap and good, perfect for any self-respecting Catalan) in Barcelona that parents are willing to do just about anything to get in.

All concertada schools have to (by law) use a points system for accepting students in order to ensure fair access for normal kids. Of course, this is Spain, so the next obvious step for people is to figure out how to scam the system.

The latest scam is to get a doctor's certificate (from a friendly enchufe doctor) saying that your kid has Celiac disease. Since this requires special meals (gluten free) for the kids, the parents can get an exception from the points system to jump the queue for their kids. The supposed justification being that the parents need to take their kids for lunch, so they require a school near work.

In the case we heard about, the parents were too lazy to actually take the time to take their kid out for lunch, so the school figured they'd been scammed and kicked the kid out.