Monday, April 26, 2010

PP's new strategy to win in Catalunya

Perhaps PP thinks it has finally hit on a good way to win more than 5 votes in Catalunya by appealing to the xenophobic segment of the population. Their recent banner in Badalona saying that they don't like Romanians (I guess they mean gypsies... realizing the fact that Romania isn't entirely populated by gypsies would probably overheat their brains).

The flaw in the strategy may be the fact that most of the "kick non-Catalans out of Catalunya" groups tend to also be pro-independence.

In a somewhat related story, I heard a radio interview today of some KKK members and/or militia members in the US, which made me think that if I ever decided to be a racist, I'd have to figure out some way to exclude those idiots. As a counterexample to the theory of white racial superiority, these morons would definitely be exhibit A.

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David said...

I'd have thought this PP lot actually peddled the line "kick all non-Spaniards out of Spain", thereby including those Catalans living in Catalonia who don't necessarily view themselves as Spaniards.