Friday, April 30, 2010

The Antisocial Dogs of Sant Cugat

Something I've noticed about Santcugatenc dogs recently (other than their habit of pooping everywhere or barking too much) is that they are generally antisocial. In the US, having a dog is a great way to meet new people, since when you go for a walk, you meet other dog people and chat with them.

Here it seems like people buy big, loud and aggressive dogs so that they can protect their giant mansions from the eastern European burglars that seems to frequent these parts. In this case, if you have a dog (especially of the small "kick-me-I-bark-too-much" variety), it's probably safer to just cross the street when you see another dog, rather than have to play dog referee (and possibly emergency paramedic).

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trabant said...

Have you talked to Badalona about kicking out the Romanians AND the dogs?